It has been two weeks and five days since my initial creativity log. In that time I have stuck to my plan and begun developing my chess skill set.

I have begun completing activities out of the first book. The content in the first book so far isn’t very challenging. It runs over the very basic moves. So far I have covered how the pieces move, which I already knew, but also, how to write the coordinates, as well as some simple checkmate and stalemate problems. I was a bit unimpressed with the standard of the book’s complexity as I have been finding these easy. However, I have looked ahead and some more challenging problems present themselves later in the book. As such, I will continue to work through the book until reaching these.

In addition, I have played against the computer on and have found that I situate around a level 7. To ensure I don’t fluke a victory, I always play the same difficulty 3 consecutive times. After this point, I feel confident that I can move onto the next level of difficulty. I have beaten level seven twice but unfortunately, this streak was broken by a loss and so now I am starting again and hoping to progress to level 8.

Playing at school has been enjoyable. There is a variety of skill sets. In the 4 sessions, I have in the last two weeks I was happy that I was able to win 3 out of 4 games. I have found that with the strain on time, only a 40 minute period, it’s best to only try and play one game rather than rushing through games to play more.

On weekends I have also had 4 games on’s live feature. Unfortunately, I have only won 1 out of the 4 games I played. Thankfully, I am developing an online ranking which I believe, the more I play, will eventually rank me at an appropriate level as currently I am ranked too high.

Finally, I was presented the opportunity by the chess co-coordinator, Mr. Adrew Davies, to attend the Friday afternoon chess sessions. I went to the first session this Friday, the 22nd. To my surprise a great number of boys, more than those who come to chess club at lunch. I found that at the top level the skill level was much higher here. As such, I will continue to go. Interestingly, if I perform well enough I may have the opportunity to compete on behalf of the school in the GPS league. This seems like it could enhance my abilities as well as be fun and so I have updated this as one of my short term goals.

Below is a series of screenshots from my games with the computer at various levels - 


Below is a photo of a few of the exercises I have completed form my chess book -