I have found Macbeth, at the moment, to be quite an interesting and intriguing piece of literature. Although I have already read it, and only a few other works of Shakespeare, it still somehow manages to capture my focus and interest; no wonder it's still around, despite being over 500 years old! From the first few scenes, the story telling aspect is quite apparent, with the way Shakespeare creates this setting in Scotland and how he establishes each character and the circumstances they all find themselves in. While I will say it was difficult to understand at first, each parcel of text on the side was very useful, in guiding me to the actual meaning of some completely undenouncable parts of language. What I quite like about Macbeth, is the dark and gritty setting, as well as some of ways Shakespeare introduces and explains his characters. I think I qill be highly captivated in reading this text once again, it has always been a favourite of mine.Macbeth.jpg