Well, here we are. At the end of the wild rollercoaster-ride that is "Macbeth."

Looking back I realise now just how much I have actually learnt about this story; all the small theories, side archs and hidden/double meanings. It brings me all the way back to day one when we simply looked at another tragedy... Nevertheless in saying that, Oedipus Rex did at least set up what we should expect Macbeth to be like, all the gore and the tragedy too! YAY! Then everything else from what i remember is a blur, not in the sense that i don't remember learning anything just that I found everything we learnt to come on so suddenly and quickly. I mean one day we just act out a few parts in the play just to get a general idea, only for us to then be blasted into this Shakespearian World with all the poetic and visual language. It was all a bit too much for the start, but I soon adapted justly. Although my reading of Shakespearian/Old English was good beofore, it thoroughly improved through this course.

Now it's exam time and i can't help but fret that the question might be about how Macbeth's character develops (If it is I FREAKIN' CALLED IT, I'M A WITCH OF FATE, CONFIRMED) We looked at how he is a noble hero, then transitions through the Witches, his wife and his own ambition into a phsyco killer, and then finally a fully fledged maniac, tyrant of his resident country. In any case a actually quite enjoyed this topic, although i hate how it's all just gonna be some freaking mark in the end I'll never forget what I have learned here. Thanks SIr, loved it.