Yesterday, the 5th of June, we embarked on a Film Incursion that was split into two halves. For the first part, my group and I went with two actors for home and away, and sought to film a scene whilst getting multiple shots from it in order to gauge and prepare us for our own films. It thoroughly surprised me! I never thought about how many actual important people there normally are on a proffessional film set, that i wouldve otherwised overlooked. Such as the continuity manager; who takes a proper list of each shot/take and scene, with each of the actions and objects placed within in it, in order to make sure the following scenes are consisent with the previous ones.

In the second half of the day, we were given various lessons on the sound equpment we will have to use. We learned about each of the various mics we have at our desposal. During this my film group allocated me (what joy) to being the sound manager (to be completely serious I don't mind). 

Along with this we learned about various shots that we could use, including the pull focus. Which we agreed could become useful in establishengcertain elements of our films.

In any case it was a great day, thx sir it was fantastic!