Well that was a surprise...

Initially I didn't expect at all to get full marks on any of the three sections, but to do so in 2 out of 3 and only miss out on the third by a mark! I am extremely pleased with my achievements. Before the exam I remember feeling very nervous and anxious. Here we were, with 10 weeks of Macbeth under our belt all about to either pay off or SEEM like it was for nothing. Now may I say that: "HOORAY I WAS RIGHT ABOUT THE QUESTION BEING ABOUT MACBETH'S CHARACTER BEING DEVELOPED" although that means absolutely nothing now, im still waiting for Hecate to enlist me into her services.

Immediately after the exam was over, and all had been said and done, all the mistakes I thought I had made came back to plague my in my sleep (Macbeth literally does kill sleep) although I will say it's a massive relief, given the mark I got, I feel that it would be better for the marker to give me back more feedback so that I can understand how to improve when essay quality is expected to increase in year 11 and 12. But nonetheless I'm merely picking at bones.

To those of you that are reading this that perhaps didn't acheive the mark they wanted or hoped. Understand that you have worked hard at this subject and no simple mark should take that away from you. Sir has seen us all work very hard, and even he agrees its utterly contemtable and sickening that it all just gets put as a number, just understand that your personal experience and takeway is the most important thing. In a couple of days time a lot of us (including me) will simply forget our mark and move on and be done with it (like we all should).

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this subject and have taken away an immense amount of knowledge that I will leave this subject feeling fulfllied. So thanks so much sir I loved it ;)