I really enjoyed this semester's focus on poetry. I really enjoy reading poetry most of the time, so it was an honest pleasure to actually read some really insightful and enthralling peices, that I simply had to discuss with another person for marks! I enjoyed the topic of diversity, through the poems that we were given i was actually able to develop a genuine connection to alternatvie points in society that i would've previously overlooked. These poems helped me to empathise with people from all walks of life, a pretty valuable life skill if you ask me!

I will say I was thoroughly impressed with the sheer depth of some of the poems and all the intricate detail that was used, in presumably pretty short lenghts of text. They made for pretty interesting but short reads.

In conclusion, I will say that I am heavily pleased with my mark. my study routine was pretty moderate for all the stuff needed, to be honest most of the time I simply enjoyed reading and exploring the poems. The Viva Voce itself just helped me to express those views with another person. I really liked this topic, even more than Macbeth in some areas, I'm really thankful for it. Thank You.