CAS Personal Profile Questionnaire:
1. What are your talents?
Debating, Cooking, Business and Economics.
2. What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy doing many things such as providing help to those in need, play sports and working in and around businesses.
3. What skill or talent would you like to improve?
I would like to improve into being a better communicator and public speaker.
4. What are you already doing that could be a part of your CAS programme?
Debating and Refereeing.
5. What would you like to be involved in?
I would like to be involved in many things in and around in my community such as helping those in my community that are less fortunate and helping kids being  active and knowledgeable about society in general.
6. Describe a time when you helped someone else or helped with a cause.
One time when I have helped someone else with a cause was my next-door neighbour. They were going away for a holiday and did not know where to put their dog, so I volunteered to help them out until they were back by feeding the dog daily and playing with it for its regular exercise. I felt very fortunate for the neighbours to entrust me with such as a big responsibility since I was very young.
7. Describe a time when someone helped you.
The last time someone helped me was when I volunteered for my house to do a marathon, I wasn’t happy at the time because I didn’t like running but I thought what could go wrong. Towards the end of the race I was coming last, one of my house group mates came alongside me and cheered me on to finish the race. I was very grateful for this boy’s empathic actions and thanked him ever since.
8. About what issues do you have concerns or feel most passionate?

What issues I feel most passionate about is that everyone deserves a full stomach and a roof over their head especially when I see those who are less fortunate begging and pledging for money and/or food because I think in this world there is enough food and materials to certify everyone basic needs.   
9. Are there any local clubs or community organisations in which you could be involved?
I have joined my local football club to help in refereeing young children over some school days near the end of the year.
10. What would you like to learn about more?
I would like to learn more about how people minds and perception work and seeing why we sometimes neglect to help someone in need.
11. What have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet?
I have always wanted to give something to the community that I can see and have made a change and not just given money away without seeing a result. Furthermore, this is what I would base around for my CAS project.
12. What activities and groups are available here at school already that you could join?
Debating, Sustainability, John Waterhouse society.
13. What would you most like to get out of your CAS journey?
To appreciate and thanks people for what I have and to try to give something to the community every year even if it’s the smallest of things.