A - Action

Sports: Football and Basketball

Basketball Season
Team: 11ths
Training Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Game Days: Saturday 
Location of Training: Wyvern Prep.
Start: 31/1/19
End: 30/4/19

Goals for the season.

1. To practice and perfect layups.

2. To dribble the ball without looking at it.

3. To maximise endurance by regular practice.

Game 1(H) (2/2/19): Game cancelled (rain delay)
Game 2(A) (8/2/19): 38-37 vs Shore (def) 
Game 3(A) (17/2/19): 24-13 vs Grammar (def)
Game 4(H) (23/2/19): 37-15 vs Joeys (win)

Game 4 Reflection: On Saturday, we played St Josephs. I turned up at game making no time for training due to the bad traffic of Sydney at 10am. (O1)When first substituted on, I was a not thinking and my brain was not in the game because I usually turned the ball over due to a silly mistake, something I would like to improve on but after 5mins of played I focused and played the ball logically for the rest of the game. At half time, we are being up 11 points and the coached pushed us to mark up the attackers when defending. I was subbed off at the half time and then played the last 8 mins of the games which was my best I have ever played this season so far and which was projected on the comfortable win. (O3+4)I was overall happy with my performance and my team's performance, next week, I would like to come early so I can practice and warm up so I am in the game and logically assessing situations.

 Game 5 (9/3/19): 20-11 vs Scots (Win)


Football Season

Football Season: 
Team: 8ths
Training Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Game Days: Saturday 
Location of Training: School.
Start:  29/4/19
End: TBC

Goals for the season

1. Practice football skills and implement this in games.

2. Practice football in my backyard every week to improve my passing and skills.

3. Move up a team.

Game 1 (H) (4/5/19) 4-2 vs Knox (10ths) (W)

Game 2 (A) (11/5/19) 0-3 vs SPC (L)

Game 3 (H) (18/5/19) 1-3 vs SBHS  (L)

Game 3 Reflection

We are now underway into the start of the football season and I am loving it. On the 18th May 2019 was my third football game. The game was at Newington at 11:00. (O1) I started the game at centre defensive midfield. The start of the game seemed to be difficult as the opposing team surprisingly move the ball well and our team cracked from the pressure, they applied us. When our team was under pressure we did not communicate, and this led to crucial mistakes when passing and playing the ball. SBHS scored two quick goals in around 10 mins of the first half. The rest of the first half we did not play to our potential and the lads felt it. At the end of the first half, it was 2-0 to the opposing team. In the half time break we learned that the team we are playing against had players who have moved down from higher teams. (O3 +4)This made us work harder in the second half to prove that we can win and make a comeback. The second half started and so did our momentum. We straight away applied pressure and the mistakes came from their team. Early into the second half our efforts paid off with a penalty kick and scored first in the second half. Our team now had that burning desire to come back into the game. The game ended 3-1 accepting the loss but I personally believe that if we keep that pressure and intensity on in other games, we will win the other games no matter who we play against next. To then reflect on my personal game, I thought what I could do better was the stay in position and not to wonder if sometimes as the midfield was a cause of errors made in our team. Sometimes I was under pressure and this led to silly errors in my game, so if I can practice my first touch and passing,I think my performance will improve and be better for me and the team in the next game.

Game 4: (H) (25/5/19) 1-1 vs SPC  (D)

Game 5: (H) (1/6/19) 3-2 vs SPC  (W)

Game 6: Public Holiday

Game 7: (A) (15/6/19) 0-2 vs SGHS (L)

Game 8: (A) (22/6/19) 1-1 vs Kings (D)

Game 9: (H) (27/7/19) 0-3 vs SBHS (L)

Game 10: (H) (3/8/19) 3-0 vs Scots (W)

Game 10 Reflection:

This game was on at back to Newington day. The game had a great atmosphere with lots of people watching our game and it makes it that extra special to play in. The game was really good to play in as we won 3-0 with our Striker, Jack Scott scoring all the goals and they were great goals. (O1) I played most of the game at centre back and really enjoyed my time playing. I thought training helped my skills in the game and also others. The game was very enjoyable to play in because our whole team had a passion for the sport which made it that much better to play in. (O3+4)Even though the opposition was not the hardest team we have played this season, our team still took the game seriously and we really enjoyed our time playing. I think that I have met my goals since this is now at the end of the season as I have practice football and my skills with my mates over the holidays and have really helped my game. Overall 2019 has been a great season for Newington football and for my team and me.

Basketball Season: 
Team: 11ths
Training Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Game Days: Saturday 
Location of Training: Wyvern Prep.
Start: 7/10/19
End: TBC

Game 1 (11/10/19) (Internals Training)

Game 2 (18/10/19) (Internals Training)

Game 3 (25/10/19) (Internals Training)

Game 4 (2/11/19) vs Kings 15-13 (W)

Game 4 Reflection:

On Saturday the 2nd of November was the first game of the last basketball season for me and my teammates. The 11ths was composed of all my mates as this was our last season. (O1)At this stage, I am still not sure of my goals for basketball but I know that there is still room for improvement and I will know my goals by the next game we play. (O3+4)The game son Saturday was a very close and challenging game and I and the team still had to build our chemistry but overall we played well and I felt very fit as I lasted longer than last year and generally my shooting was more accurate this time than last year. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and thought that this will be a good last season for basketball.

Game 5 (9/11/19) (Internals Training)

2019 season over.

Game 6 (1/2/20) vs IGS 30-27 (W)

This is the first game of the season and it was a great game to start off with especially since it was a very close game. LO1 identifying my own strengths was that since for a Christmas present I got a basketball hoop I was able to practice over the summer holidays and that showed in the game on Saturday because my shot and technique definitely improved and also especially my ability to pass and dribbling skills were better because I also practice on these elements too. My area of improvement can definitely be my fitness level, yes on that day it was 40+ degrees but generally much slower than usual but this will improve the season. LO2 New skills that I have learnt since the start of the season was that I was able to successfully learn and use the proper technique of shooting the basketball and it is now just practising and adjusting and this will come through time and practice. L04. Yes, I have been committed to being a better player and as said previously this comes with time and effort throughout the season. LO5. The reasons I play on the team I am in and the actual sport of basketball is because I like playing the sport but also like playing it with my friends. I enjoy playing with my friends through both training and the actual games and it teaches me new skills when working with different types of players and different styles of playing. This is the first reflection of the 2020 season.

Game 7: (8/2/20) vs SGS 35-17 (W)