C - Creativity

Debating Season: 11/2/19 - TBC
Team: FED A
Debating Training: Wednesday (1 hour)
Debating Day: Friday. (3 hours)

Speaking Role: 3rd Speaker.

Goals for the Season:

1. To not be stage shy.

2. To empathize and show emotion in speeches selectively.

3. Work on one argument with analysis and not a lot of arguments that are just half cooked.

Debating Training 1 (13/2/19): Orientation Day and Mini Debate. No debate on Friday.
Debating Training 2: (20/2/19): Mini Debate to Decide Teams.
Debate 1: Loss vs SBHS (That news organization should be not for profit) NEG.

Debate 1 Reflection:

(O2+6)In the debate, I thought that the topic was vague and not a topic that should not debate by the millions of variables of the debate especially using TOK techniques as the question does not specify the types of news organizations and what defines profit but still as the negative team we did not focus on the debate, we focused on their comments and were trying to win the battle and not the war in terms of the debate. (O1)My performance on the debate was that I did average. My points were good but I had too many points and diluted and confused myself and the message. Since of my fast pace thinking I do not have time to articulate my words and the pronunciation of the words come out wrong.(O4) I think to improve on next time is to purposely write fewer points thus making me write more about the point and explain and expand on it further. Furthermore, I should speak slower and think more of what I am saying and this can come by the elimination of ‘filler’ words like ‘um’ and ‘ah’, thus giving more time to think. (O5) I worked well with my team thought they were very good for a starting debate, we worked very well in the planning time and was enjoyable to work and discusses with them.

Debate 3: Win vs MLC (That we should significantly tax-advantaged teams and give the tax to the disadvantaged team to even competition) AFF.

Debate 2: BYE

Debate 3: BYE

Debate 4: BYE 

Debate 5: Loss vs SGHS (3/5/19): TWS only increase violent criminals.

Debate 6: Win vs Barker Quarter Final: That resolutions should be solved by an international body.

No debates until GPS Season

End of GPS Season

Review +Reflection.

(O2) So, unfortunately, I did not make a GPS team this season which I found was quite surprising because I thought I worked really hard on my debating throughout the season but unfortunately I was not good enough. (O4) Next year I will still be doing debating and I enjoy doing it. Throughout the GPS season, there were some social debates to debate in and I made every decision I could do. (O1 +6) Debating was really fun this year and I think I have taken steps to become an international leaner by discussing and arguing international and domestic cases. Also, I have been better in terms of being shy, but I still think there can be room for improvement. I think next season if can complete this goal of getting stage fright. (O5) The people that did not get selected for a team still had a passion for debating was very nice to see and when doing social debating, the quality was still very good and i enjoyed it.