CAS Project Write UP – AFL Open Air cinema @ Newington College (14/9/19)
Members Involved in the project:
Andrew Wu – Year 12
Christos Spiropoulos - Year 12
Angus Beer – Year 12
Jules Gobran – Year 11
Introduction to CAS Project:
The CAS project's initial idea was to make some sort of fundraiser for Metcalfe House’s charity – Newton Mission. Through my parent's contacts, I emailed a man who had contacts with a charity who could help us donate a fridge to the Newtown mission as they were in desperate need of one. This was our goal to get a fridge for the newton mission. We emailed the guy shown below but plans did not well as he never responded to our emails hence looking for a different approach to help the community.
After many ideas and thoughts, we had come up with the idea to do an open-air cinema at school and for all profits to go to a specific charity. Below is a month preparation of how my specific organization of the task was completed. Our final idea was to do an open-air cinema for the Adam Goods Documentary – ‘The Final Quarter’. Our charity was the AFL aboriginal committee as we thought it was only fitting that we donate all profits made on the day to a worthy caused that the documentary expressed. The AFL aboriginal committee charity helps aboriginal men, women, and children in their daily lives and also promotes aboriginal players in the AFL game and their contribution.
Note: All members were given a specific job, my job was to order and regulate the buying and selling of food on the day and also to order the food and calculate the amount needed for the amount. I was also assisted with Angus beer who mainly helped with the advertising and selling of the food on the day. Christos and Andrew had jobs around ticketing, advertising the event and also the set-up of the open-air cinema.
Documenting up to the actual date of my part of the CAS Project.

Firstly, my main priority for this event in terms of food was to buy popcorn because without popcorn there is no movie. I researched the best value for money in terms of popcorn and after many sources found a suitable item both for its price but also for its quality. The product we decided to buy was Poppin Microware Popcorn Butter Flavour 100g. I bought all the products from Woolworths at a price of $1.00 a pack due to a special going on at that time. I bought a quantity of 30 units as I thought based on the information presented about the tickets and how many were sold that most clients coming were family and one pack of popcorn was enough for a family of four.
The next thing to buy was the drinks for the AFL open-air cinema. My original decision was to buy 1.5L bottles and cups as this would be cheaper than cans and hence gives a better profit margin to give to the AFL committee charity. But after much discussion with my fellow CAS project mates that thought and I also thought that cans were easier in terms of there would be less mess and just easier to sell as it requires no pouring or worrying about cup issues. We decided to three different types of cans: Coca Cola, Lemonade and Fanta. But after much research on the items, it was expensive than other products I found on the internet.  After doing extensive research I found a better combination of drinks and would cost around $30-$50 less than expected. This new solution was to buy again three different variations of soft drinks in a can form and those were: Pepsi, Solo, and Sunkist which cost us a total of $45 for 72 cans of soft drinks. Yet we had around 85 customers coming so even though we did not have enough if each bought one but after a quick calculation that maybe some people might bring their own drinks to the events, our group thought and agreed that this was enough for the event.

My next task to solve in terms of food was to buy the sausages but after looking at the cost of the popcorn, soft drinks, and the actual open-air cinema, I knew that we would not have a lot of money to buy sausages, buns and also other condiments like onions and sauces. So after much thinking and researching done to figure out a way to make sure we have enough sausages and buns, I remember that our local school cafeteria usually helps with other school events that evolve around sausage sizzles. So I went personally to their office and asked if they can help to supply sausages at a discounted price but they generously paid for the lot (including buns, sausages, sauces, and napkins). Not only did they do that but they also provided cooking equipment for the actual cooking of the sausages. They also provided us 5 cartoons of Powerade which was very nice. I would like to personally thank the cafeteria staff because without their help we will not be able to finish our CAS project and make a profit for the AFL Committee.




Here are emails showing the organization between our group and the cafeteria:

The summary of the actual event and the final learning outcomes

The night went very well as most tickets had been sold and the other positive is that more people came then booked tickets online which we were excited to see. We decided to help the night by each playing different roles, I decided to help by popping the popcorn and also by being the money guy so our customers could get the right change and right food. The night ended very well with everybody happy and learnt a lot from the meaning of the adam goods documentary and the treatment of aboriginals in the Australian sports culture.

Learning Outcomes:

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth 

My area of strengths for this area was definitely communication with the cafeteria staff and the boys in my group because the boys were always informed with what food we had and the quantity of it. Also, I told them about cooking times and generally was very organised in the communication area. If I had to do this a second time I would improve in my organisation because while I had good communication I left the food very late and this did not help especially since we had to change the date to an earlier date.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

There had been many challenges to make this day go through because we had many problems of which date it should be on, hence advertisement of the event of the late. New skills I have developed in the CAS project was to publicly speak to different audiences around the school about the day and to also discuss details with different people from outside the school.

LO3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Planning and initiating this CAS experience was very rewarding and I learnt many things about what ways are effective in buying food, what foods are best for a big event like this one and also where to buy the food. The boys and I really enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to work with a different set of boys and something I would never think of doing.

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

This Cas Project needed a lot of perseverance because on my behalf with the food it was hard to find good prices for quality food around our area. This was the same for the drinks but luckily the cafeteria helped out and others did to make our jobs and effort that much easier. I would also like to say that the group commitment level to this project was great because there were many times where we could have chosen the easy road but our group stuck at it at the end of the day because we were donating to such a good cause.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

In the images at the bottom of the blog is our group working collaboratively on the day and it made everybody efforts that much easier we did not fight or argued and I can safely say that the boys and I had a great time in helping the broader community. Also, the skills and contacts we had from both the school and the boys in the group made this journey much easier.

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Our group and I planned this whole project based around global sustainable development goals which we chose what we thought the two main ones were which was no poverty and zero hunger because all money raised would go to the AFL Aboriginal committee which helps less fortunate aboriginals to live a better life through sport, particularly AFL. Our group perfectly summed up the phrase "thinking globally and acting locally".

LO7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

Ethical choices definitely played into the planning of our project because our initial idea was to play any movie which would maximise the most profits for the AFL Aboriginal committee but as a group, we decided to change this idea, we decided to play a documentary that had actual meaning to what we are donating to and hence we ethically changed our initial plan for the betterment of the real purpose of the night and that is donating, celebrating and recognising the aboriginal culture both in society and also sport.

In conclusion, I am pleased to say that the night was a success and would like to thank my team members, the Newington cafeteria of 2019, Mr Roberts and Miss Priest for all their help and support.