The red shield appeal is a charity that supports those in the local community that help those who are in need. Personally, I wanted to do this activity to help the local community because I see a lot of people who are less fortunate to me around my school and I wanted to give back to my school’s community. This involved waking up at 7 on the morning of Saturday and door knocking around the Stanmore area and nearby suburbs and raising funds for the red shield appeal. This activity went for four hours from around 7:30am to 11:30am. I definitely enjoyed the experience with many generous people donating large sums of money. Our group raised $299.85for the red shield appeal. I felt humbled to be part of such a good cause. I got many things out of doing the red shield appeal that I could ever imagine. One thing is how hard it is to be nice to people that are rude at you and to also to be polite when asking for money and trying to get as much money as you can for such a great cause. I will definitely do it next year.
Charity: Red Shield Appeal
Money Raised: $299.85
Hours Done: 4 hours
C, A or S: S (Service)
LO Covered:
1. LO5
2. LO6
3. LO7