Game 6 (1/2/20) vs IGS 30-27 (W)

This is the first game of the season and it was a great game to start off with especially since it was a very close game. LO1 identifying my own strengths was that since for a Christmas present I got a basketball hoop I was able to practice over the summer holidays and that showed in the game on Saturday because my shot and technique definitely improved and also especially my ability to pass and dribbling skills were better because I also practice on these elements too. My area of improvement can definitely be my fitness level, yes on that day it was 40+ degrees but generally much slower than usual but this will improve the season. LO2 New skills that I have learnt since the start of the season was that I was able to successfully learn and use the proper technique of shooting the basketball and it is now just practising and adjusting and this will come through time and practice. L04. Yes, I have been committed to being a better player and as said previously this comes with time and effort throughout the season. LO5. The reasons I play on the team I am in and the actual sport of basketball is because I like playing the sport but also like playing it with my friends. I enjoy playing with my friends through both training and the actual games and it teaches me new skills when working with different types of players and different styles of playing. This is the first reflection of the 2020 season.

Game 7: (8/2/20) vs SGS 35-17 (W)

Game 8: (15/2/20) vs SJS 11- 23 (L)

Game 9: (22/2/20) vs SJS 28 - 16 (L)