My Year 7 Reflection

The first three weeks of year 7 has been a roller coaster ride for me and my peers, after taking one of the biggest and most exciting steps in our lives. Every morning from Monday to Friday I wake up and I know that I’m going to be going to Newington College. Except I don’t know what is going to be happening during that day. That is just one of the multiple joys I have encountered of this wonder of a school.

After coming from a small public school and now going to a huge private school there are an obvious amount of more opportunities for my brain and body to endure and take in. This Is a great feeling and I have only been here for three weeks so there is a substantial number of things to come in my future years. But I will live in the moments I have in year 7 and embrace the great facilities I have available to me now.

To the future year 7’s I highly recommend for you to enjoy year 7 whilst you are in it and to always be around your mates and the things you love and make you happy. If you are coming from a primary school that isn’t Wyvern or Lynnfield don’t put pressure on yourself to make yourself friends with everyone, as not everyone needs to be your friend. Be social and try your best to enjoy school because you are not going anywhere for another 6 years, so you want to make it as enjoyable as you can.