For all my time at Newington, I have participated in Debating. I am interested in continuing this and counting it as the Creativity aspect of my CAS. I hope other potential creative pursuits will present themselves as the next 18 months pass, but Debating will be my primary commitment.


I am currently playing 1sts V Basketball, and played 2nd XV Rugby last year and have aspirations to make 1st XV this year. As a result, my Activity component will be convincingly covered by the training from these sports. My current load is 5 mornings (1 hour each) and 4 afternoons (2 hours each) as well as the game on Saturday. 


As mentioned in my 'Getting to Know Me' blog, I am participating in the Bursary Student Tutoring program. Every week or fortnight I will meet with Sifa and help him with work. Afterwards, I will document what was covered in the session. I also hope to be involved in Clean Up Australia Day, Red Shield Appeal, Relay for Life and City2Surf.


For my project, I will be organising 'Relay For Life' for the Newington Boarding House with Sam Lye. I am not sure of every aspect that this will involve, but it includes organizing food and housing for a 24 period (usually a marquee and a few mats and sleeping bags), as well as the initial registering of the team, fundraising and awareness raising. This process has not yet officially begun, but Sam and my names have been taken down as the organisers on the team page.

Introductory Questions:

1.     What are your talents?

I feel as if my abilities are quite wide ranging, including public speaking (debating), sports (rugby and basketball) and academics, which I can use as a way to serve through the Bursary Student Tutoring Program.

2.     What do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy directly influencing people and being able to clearly see the results of my work. As a result, I am inclined towards more direct service and other collaborative activities such as team sports.

3.     What skill or talent would you like to improve?

-       I am interested in further improving my public speaking, as I believe it is an integral asset when involved in leadership or the workforce. Being able to engage and captivate an audience or group of people whilst presenting information is incredibly valuable.

4.     What are you already doing that could be a part of your CAS programme?

-       I have tried to be holistically involved in my time at Newington, so there are many activities I already participate in that can be used for my CAS. These include Debating, Rugby and Basketball (1sts/2nd XV/V for both), service initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day and the Red Shield Appeal, as well as the Bursary Student Tutoring Program.

5.     What would you like to be involved in?

-       I was involved in the music program from years 7-9. I quit in an effort to manage my co-curricular workload. Given creativity is a part of CAS, I am potentially interested in re-joining the music program.

6.     Describe a time when you helped someone else or helped with a cause.

-       For most of last year, I had quite regular tutoring sessions with a boy called Siosifa Latu. He arrived from Tupou College in Tonga at the beginning of the year and, despite being a very bright bloke, struggled with the workload at Newington due to the massive cultural and technological difference. I helped him with maths, proof-reading longer assignments and in other areas for last year and found the experience rewarding. I plan to continue helping Sifa this year as part of the Service.

7.     Describe a time someone has helped you.

-       In the back end of the rugby season I dislocated, fractured and tore a ligament off the bone in my left index finger. It required surgery to be repaired and a four-month rehabilitation period. As a result, I missed most of the beginning of the basketball season. When I first returned to training with the 1sts V team, I was quite overwhelmed, as there were 20-25 offensive and defensive plays and variations that everybody else knew that I didn’t, and as a result I made a lot of mistakes. However, senior players such as Sam Clemens, Sami El-Zein and Ben Gill went out of their way to help me learn, both during training and lunch times. I was very grateful for this as it allowed for me to return to my normal standard of play significantly faster than I would have otherwise.

8.     About what issues do you have concerns or feel most passionate?

-       I would really like to do something to raise awareness for or fundraise for Cancer Council. This is because I have lost friends and family members to cancer, as well as having participated in other Cancer Council events, such as the Relay for Life last year, and having found them incredibly touching. In particular, watching the ‘Survivor’s Lap’ in which previous cancer patients, specialist carers and other medical support staff walk together on the track for a half hour, is an incredibly touching, heartfelt experience.

9.     Are there any local clubs or community organisations in which you could be involved?

-       I am a member of the Boarding House, so if my chosen Service activity or CAS project were to involve an organisation, it would be a liaison between the Boarding House and an NGO.

10.  What would you like to learn about more?

-       I am interested to experience the process it takes to organise a large-scale fundraiser/awareness raising event. I believe I could gain insight into this by organising the Boarding Houses’ attendance at one of said events.

11.  What have you always wanted to try but haven’t?

-       A solo ski-dive! I have been in tandem, but I would love to get my license and dive solo as soon as possible. After I’ve done that, maybe I could even take some of my mates tandem with me.

12.  What activities and groups are available here at school already that you could join?

-       The Environmental Awareness Group, Gender Equity Club and many others.

13.  What would you most like to get out of your CAS journey?

-       I would like to meet some amazing people whether it be through creativity, action, service or my project. I feel as if the second-best way a person can learn (behind experiencing everything yourself), is talking to people who have lived longer, experienced more and lived to tell the tale. Through my CAS, I hope to listen to more of these tales and take as much from them as possible.