Study of poetries of Wilfred Owen allowed us to learn about the great war form a pursepctive of a soldier and learn some of the poetic techqiues that we did not talk about in the year before. Learning poetry is always hard at the start but with time, I start understanding Owen's writing style which helped me to analysis his poem better. As he uses intertextuality in most of his poems that we had studied, It was not as hard as I expected to be. The attidude I have had toward poetry have always been positive but Owen's poems are definetly more vivid than other poems I have studied. The way we analysed the poem The Next war is challenging but it is the one poem that we can discussed well in Viva Voce. Viva Voce practise is hard and make me nervous but this activite allows us to find out our weaknesses and improve. Ultimately, learning poety is both challnege and rewarding.