On the first day of our tour we woke up to the beautiful sunrise over Port Mataro's waters. We started the day by driving into the city of Barcelona to get on our bus tour. The bus took us through many different parts of the city and we got off at The Sagrada Familia.


After seeing the magnificent church we got back on the hop on hop off bus to where we began. We had lunch at a wonderful cafe where we ate a mixture of different meats, cheeses and baguettes.

After our meal we drove to Camp Nou. At Camp Nou, we learnt the history of the legendary club Barcelona. We walked across the sidelines as the coaches would and took many photos from many different spots around the stadium. Afterwards we made our way to the Barcelona Mega Store and we bought plenty of souveniers. When our adventures had come to an end we returned to the hotel for a relaxing dinner and a good nights rest. 

-Luca Larocca

-Anthony Cammaroto

-Samuel Minett