When we first arrived in Lisbon of our plane ride the Newington football group checked in to the Aldeia Dos Capuchos, the Hotel we will be staying at for the next 5 days.

We then went to the home of the Benfica Training Facility, and were guided by one of the Benfica coaches. We experienced the breathtaking Benfica facility. After the tour, we participated in our first training session with the knowledgeable coaches of SLB (Sporting Lisbon Benfica). We learnt many simple stepping stones and building blocks for the lessons we are to learn in the next few days, learning about defensive positioning, fastbreak positioning and attacking and most importantly, a positive attitude and behaviours toward our football.


After the football session, we streched out and had a summary of the session, reflecting on what we have done and how we could improve. While reflecting we summarised that the session was about positioning, and how vital it is to the game.

We then had lunch at the SLB canteen and got to see where the pro players eat their lunch. After that we travelled back to the hotel to relax and have dinner before resting for the days ahead.

Connor Stock, Apostolos Tatsis and Oscar Swan.