Boys, this is where your blog posts will go.

Here are some general tips for when you do your blog post:

-You are writing for your parents, the school community, and the wider world. Take time to express yourself carefully and thoughtfully. Read over what you've written before you post it. It's very important to remember that your post will be part of your digital footprint (this is how you can build something really positive for people to find when they google your name).

-Write something meaningful and personal, rather than just a summary of the itinerary. Focus on something interesting that happened or your thoughts and reflections. There's nothing worse than 500 words of: we woke up at 7am, we had breakfast at the hotel at 8am, we drove on the bus to a museum, we visited a museum at 10am, we had lunch at 11am, there were many options for lunch, I had a sandwich, we visited a different museum at 2pm...

-You can play around with the format as much as you want. You might want to write your post as a listicle (10 things we learned about German culture today), a first person reflection (my reflections on German History), a post all about content (The Cold War in Berlin; then and now), a description of a specific event from the day to focus on (The Berlin Wall up close), snippets of dialogue (Our different reactions to seeing the Holocaust Memorial), or whatever else takes your fancy. Different posts, in different forms, will make up the rich tapestry of the blog. We just want you to say something meaningful about what we've been doing.