Written by Harry Q and Marcus P, Mentor Marcus P:

After eating a fine assortment of dinner food for breakfast, we headed for the "newly" built markets which were a 5-minute walk away from the hotel. Inside the poorly constructed markets, we found a wide range of Matryoshka Dolls, 'real' gas mask, hats, propaganda posters and other items. Malouf, being a financial benefit for the market, came out of the market changed from being a man of substance to a Soviet Soldier. We then departed from the markets as Russian as we'll ever look; to then board our de-militarised USSR troop transporter and head towards the Red Square. The gridlock traffic blessed us with the opportunity to look at one of Stalin's marvellous 'skyscrapers', which are a staggering 12 stories high. Soon arriving at the KGB building, which was the secret police during the Soviet era, the group continued to try and decode our guide's English. Alexander (our guide) took us to the GUM the largest department store in Soviet times. We were impressed by the amazing architecture and intricate floral designs, which Ned unknowingly tripped on. During our time in the store Alexander peer pressured us into tasting Soviet ice creams. He then took us to the Red Square, where we observed St Basil's Cathedral an iconic Russian monument and Lenin's mausoleum were Mack was denied a photo by the guards. The group then had some free time to explore the surroundings, soon meeting up again to watch the changing of the guards. Then we were given more free time for lunch. Although the option of traditional Russian food the groups systematically turned to Maccas and KFC. After re-grouping post lunch, Alexander embarked the group on a slow one stop tour of the Metro. The Metro was built in the time of Stalin as an evidence to show the effectiveness of communism, however, we later found out that the Metro was more of a result dictatorship by Stalin. Arriving back to the hotel after stopping at the shops to stock up on supplies for the train trip tomorrow.