4th July

Today we departed from the beautiful town of Hiedelberg to the city of Berlin. Departing at approximately 8:30am, it was a 9 and a half hour bus trip (including breaks), with us arriving at 6pm. The usual magnificent view of Germany's outback was prevalent for the majority of the trip, with wheat fields and green flora flourishing for hours.

During the trip, we took two breaks for toilet stops, with one of them being a lunch break and another being an active session, which included some boys playing footy and others playing soccer.

Upon arrival at 6pm, we immediately checked into our hotels and organised our luggage for the next three nights. At 6:50pm, we took a long walk to dinner, checking into the Maredo Steakhouse restaurant which served us a wonderful dinner.

After dinner during the times of 8pm, we walked to a designated area in Berlin, which would be the area in which we all met after our free time. This free time went to 10pm, and we were allowed to explore the city and experience its culture.

A reflection of France

Now that the tour has moved from France to Germany, We thought it might appropriate for a reflection of our time in France. Just for a quick recap of France, I will go over the things we did and the things we saw. On day one we did the touristy things, saw the Arc d' Triumph, the Eifle Tower, the Pantheon and Notre Dame. On Day two we drove to Amiens, via a Picnic at Car 2419, the Armistice Wagon of the First and Second World Wars. On day three we saw the battlefields of Amiens, as well as the grave sites of Australian as well as Commonwealth troops. On the fourth day we drove to Verdun and saw Douaumont Ossuary amongst other things. On the fifth day we saw Fort Du Mont, the largest fort that still survives from the battle of Verdun.

While we were in France we saw many things not least including the Celebration of the Birth and of the Destruction of a Nation. As a whole group we now have the barest of ideas of what finding family feels like. As a whole group we now have seen what happens when nations go to war. Ask anyone in the group the question of "Have you changed?" and the answer will be the same, Yes.
Thanks Jack and Lachlan