After a sweaty 7 or so hours of sleep, the alarms sounded to signal another day in Germany. Breakfast was nice, some boys engaging in a conversation with the breakfast lady, a woman from Leicester who spoke fluent German. She made a point saying that her kids spoke German, English, French and Arabic. She was also married an American German. Europe really is the melting pot of world cultures. It felt like a minute ago that we were back on the bus with Louis, our Austrian German driver. Suddenly we had spent 4 hours gazing at the country side of Germany. For those bothering to look outside, the occasional deer fawn and large bird of prey could be spotted perching on the fence posts. We stopped halfway for a break and a walk. The cost of the public toilets seem to be increasing day by day. Some boys went to the playground, others passed a footy, and some broke out into a game of possession football. It was hot and the boys climbed onto the bus exhausted but also refreshed. On arrival in Nuremberg, our efficiency when removing the bags from the bus was noted by Mr. Fisher as being as efficient as a 'well oiled machine.' We were then given a lengthy two or so hours of free time to immerse and wonder through the beautiful streets of Nuremberg. The shopping, as Ms. Christian had mentioned was very impressive. We wandered through the teaming streets, encountering some interesting people, such as extreme Christian groups and alternative rockers with some wacky haircuts. After a brief hour at the hotel, we were encouraged to have a shower and put on some dinner dress. Tucked into the bustling streets of Nuremberg was a hazy and rather stuffy restaurant, reminiscent of a traditional German pub. We were given for the first time a choice for our mains (either pork schnitzel or a turkey dish). Following the chocolate ice cream and mousse, the boys dispersed into the cool evening breeze. Conjugating in front of a chapel, our group gave a presentation on Nazi Architecture. We were then allowed to disappear for an hour. The teachers recommend we head over to the Euro beaches; a man-made beach party setting for the hot European inland cities. As the sun goes down, we look forward to another day.

Written by George Osmand, Will Osmand and Alessandro Roncolato