In the Documentary the language of the universe the key idea they pushed was, although humans didn't have great contact with each other, they would often build their own systems for maths and mathematical concepts that were extremily similar. In the video I learned more concepts on the base systems and found it quite interesting that many of the nations used a base system of 10 because of the fingers on a hand however the ancient Babylonians used a base system of 60 due to them counting off their knuckles and fingers, and that we still use that sytem in todays society such as in the case of minutes and seconds. The creation of zero also interested me, with the fact that the Babylonians created the concept of 0 yet the Indians created the numerical for 0 and perfected the concept of it. Another interesting concept was the way that the Indian mathemitation Maricor discovered that you could add up 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 and so this then has to go onto infinity then you will reach one and this also helped him become closer to pi such as the excel sheet attached. I feel like doing more reasherch into the base systems would be interesting because it is something that we don't regularly get to do in maths.