This video showed the early innovations of Europeans in mathematics. One of the main mathematicians on focus was Darcars, who's work on curves on a 2D plain allowed him to find the links between algebra and geometry. The video also focused on Issac Newton and his works in the field of mathematics and not Science. I found the backstory on how he gained a passion in maths very interesting and how he hated his step-father yet his step-father had a major influence on his career in maths. Another interesting part of Newtown and his works was his discovery of calculus and how he didn't want to spread it, so instead his rival discovered it as well and spread the information, the royal society then gave the discovery to Newtown and the publication to his rival. They also touched on Guass and how he was a protyge from a young age, and how he critisised Euclids geometry. I think that it would be interesting to look into the life and works of Guass a bit more seen as he is the name for the extension class this year.