Water polo has always been my favourite sport at Newington as it combines many different skills at once while training and playing. This is my sixth season playing water polo for school and I also played four years for an external club.

This is the start of my second last season playing for my school, and so far I have enjoyed it more than all the others. I hope that we can play well for the rest of the season and that I will also enjoy my last season as well.

Outcome 1: Throughout both seasons, I will be striving to push myself during both trainings and games to improve on my weaknesses and use my strengths.

Outcome 2: This season, I will be striving to improve my swimming fitness through pushing myself during every training and next season I will be working on my shooting.

Outcome 4: I will be doing all my trainings and games and be setting them as a priority to any other external commitments I may have

Outcome 5: During trainings, most of our drills will be in teams, so I will be working with others then and during

Reflection: Term 1 2019
The start of this term was tough because I hadn’t played water polo in a while. It took a few trainings before I was back to normal. We started the term with some very intense trainings as the 1st and 2nd teams were very high in the competition ladder. This was tough for me because I am in the 3rd team and was training at a much higher standard than normal, however it was good overall as I was able to experience this and become a better player because of it.

This is the last term of this season, and the second last season for me. This was my favourite season so far as I was able to play in a completely different team with boys older than me. We finished the season on a high as we played our best game as a team and for me personally as well.

Reflection: Term 4 2019
This has been the first term of my last season of water polo. So far, it has been a difficult term due to lack of fitness and team sizes. As I hadn’t done much swimming over winter, I was very unfit and so this made the training sessions harder as we were focusing on fitness in a majority of sessions. Although this was tough, I have worked to push through this during our warmup swimming sets and legwork drills.

Our new team is very good, however due to the large number of boys doing water polo, there are two 3rd grade teams, which means we have less training time per week. I have tried to counteract this by moving more during our drills while others might not. So far, our games have been good and the team and I have played very well and I am looking forward to how this will continue for the rest of the season.