I'm not too sure why, but I've always liked poetry. I guess it's because it's less about finding out new information and more about unpacking information that is already there, just hidden from first viewing. I think that I did pretty well for this unit, for a variety of reasons.

One: I actually liked doing the work.

Two: We did a lot more work in class, and I'm a lot better at working in class than at home.

Three: Viva voces are much easier for me to do, I find I can't get my ideas down on a page, but I really enjoy having a conversation about them. 

Four: I think that Sir did a really good job teaching us this topic.

Anyway~ On to the actual content of what we did, I enjoyed learning about Wilfred Owen. I think his poetry is a very good lens to view the changing ideas about war in that time period. It definitely gave me a better sense of what World War One was actually like. Owen uses a lot of vivid descriptions that utilise the English language to create more interesting and engaging writing. It made me think of all the possibilities a person could use when creating something. The idea that you can use everything at your disposal to create meaningful and amazing pieces of literature, film, etc.