The hackathon was a series of code we had to crack and blog posts that described what we did in each segment of this one term assignment.

In their first segment we where present with different codes and how to crack the for example we had to crack canvas posts that where in different codes every time and also we had other people creat codes and put them on their board for us to crack. The first part of this assignment was Vitale to being able to crack and define what code you where cracking on the day of the hackathon and l think my group went okay but we did get a lot done.

The second segment was solving different code (that we where not told what code it was) for the hole lesson and are teacher made them hard like a pigpen cipher in the size of a paragraph or what my group did which was make a kahoot of different revers cipher or pigpen cipher and had to solve them it under 30 seconds. This part really boosted are team work and gave us an idea of where everyone was at and what people where better at then others which really helped us in the long run.

So it all led up the this point, the final test or assessment. My group had started with the harder codes because they gave us more point and if we finished all of the hard ones first it would grant us with being able to compete in the hackathon at lunch (which only a couple of boys went to because it was in lunch). We had blasted through the first level in two minutes while two boy ( Zac and Nick ) where completing level five which was the hardest level. At the the fifteen minute mark we where ahead by fifty points but are lead slowly came to a holt because of level 3, the hardest level to my group and many others. It was revers ciphers but the revers letters where spaced out in difficult patterns. We had to skip the level 3 cards 3, 4 and 5 and had got onto the level 4 cards which was at the 30 minute mark out of the 45 minute we had. The boys that where cracking the level five codes had finished and started to work on the level 4 cards. We had complete the first 1 and split in two while one boy was working on the revers pattens. We had finished up the level 4 card and started on the level 3 cards which had in the end made us come third out of the 4 groups.
In the end the hole class had made it into the hackathon and l am happy of the results.

In conclusion l think the hackathon was a good to teach codes and gave us a good cool down from all the maths that we did in the pass weeks.