1. What are your talents 
Academics, piano, music, debating and philosophy  
2. What do you enjoy doing  
Piano, Reading, socializing  
3. What skill or talent would you like to improve 
Debating- the art of rebuttal 
4. What are you like to improve  
My piano & music 
5. What would you like to be involved in 
I would like to do more service with Opal Aged  
6. Describe a time when you helped someone else or helped with a cause  
I supported opal aged care with their youth interaction program  
7. Describe a time when someone helped you 
When I was in year 8, I was exceptionally bad at Latin. That was untill a very kind yr 11 boy explained all the grammar and tricks to me which ultimately led to the language 'clicking'. I am thankfull to this day for his help.
8. About what issues do you have concerns or feel most passionate  
Politics, Philosophy and Climate Change  
9. Are there any local clubs or committee organizations in which you could be involved  
I would like to get more involved with opal aged care 
10. What would you like to learn about more  
 I would like to learn more about Latin American politics, Feminism and Plato 
11. What have you always to try haven't yet? 
I would like to try to learn French fluently. 
12. What activities and groups are available here at school already that you could join 
I am already very active within the school community, there is nothing extra I could really participate in. 
13. What would you most like to get out of your CAS journey? 
I would like to make a difference to my local community with my CAS project and would like to increase my community participation.