Opal Aged Care Volunteering


Opal Aged care is an elder support home in Stanmore Sydney. At this particular facility, many previously homeless people and welfare retire to as it is subsidised by the government. The facility, while reminiscent of a prison, is pleasant enough and the residents seem to be enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, many of the residents suffer from Alzheimer's and other age-related diseases. 

I visit Opal Aged Care once a week, usually on a Monday afternoon. When there, I usually speak to Linda and chat about her week or I'll play the piano to the residents. I also often help the staff set tables and layout cutlery. So far, I have found it to be a highly rewarding experience.

Risk Assesment 




Interim Reflection:

Volunteering at Opal Aged care has been a wholly fulfilling experience and I have broadened my world view to a great extent. I have developed a greater propensity to be empathetic and I take pride knowing that what I do has a meaningful positive impact upon the lives of the residents. I also treasure some of the connections I have made as the elderly have a lot of wisdom and experience which I have found they will willingly offer up to you.

Final reflection:

This year has truly been one where I have built a great reporre with the OPAL community and have had to rise to the challenge. There have been few people as negatively impacted than the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, who have been denied their usual meeting with the outside world. Thus, the service that i have undertaken to alleviate some of this loneliness has been very beneficial

when starting this experience, there where several goals that I wished to achieve and I will now evaluate them:

1) Diminishing loneliness at opal age care: I believe this has been achieved as they always seem very happy to see me, and i have been told that my face time calls are some of their favourite moments of the week. I think I could improve on this by conducting these calls more regularly,

2) Creating a sense of friendship between and meaningful relationships: I believe this has also been achieved, not just because of the  conversations but because they can impart wisdom that is invaluable.

This issue has genuine global significance as there is an epidemic of elder neglect in the world and by making a genuine effort, this can hopefully be alleviated to an extent.