Soccer is a Winter sport offered by newington and I have chosen it as it seems like a great way to be active, have fun and overal improve ones fittness. Soccer is an incredibly popular game at newington and consequently, there are many teams. As I am new to the sport and it is something I am trying for the first time, I anticipate that I will be put in the lowest team, that being the 10ths. Regardless, I am excited for the growth that will occur!

Training schedule:




Interim Reflection:

I have begun playing soccer as my CAS Activity. From this experience, I want to improve my coordination, overall fitness and well bing. I play soccer in the Xs team and train two times per week as well as compete on the weekend. The position I have been assigned is right wing and I am excited to develop my skills!

Below is a team photo, I am on the second row, far right.

Final reflection:

Overall this season, I feel that my 2019 Football Season was one where I proved my growth as well as having fun with my teammates and friends at the same time. I feel that all aspects of my football play had improved, including my shooting, passing, strength, defending and stamina. Both going forwards and going backwards, I feel that I have improved. I have most certainly improved as a footballer, moving up 4 teams in just this season, as well as having a great time with my friends in the 10th XI. 

In regards to the learning outcomes that you can see above, I fulfilled Learning Outcome One as I identified that I had strengths in football, especially the passing and defending perspective of the game, and for growth, I became a better shooter and developed better stamina. I have demonstrated that challenges have been taken as I have wanted to win every game my team played, and although this didn't happen, these challenges were undertaken and through this developed a competitive nature leading to new skills developed.

In terms of the personal growth that has occured, I have shown thar I was committed to the Activity experience as I continued with football for the entire season, and did not change into a different sport, but instead continued the sport which I enjoyed to play. As well as training twice a week on both tuesdays and thursdays, roughly for an hour and a half each, and playing football for approximately one hour each Saturday. Football is a collaborative sport. Because of this, I showed that I had worked collaboratively with other people and was able to thrive.


Team photo


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