Bush Care is a community organisation which is an ecological restoration operation & consultancy providing practical on-ground volunteer work. It is both a community volunteer orginization and an environmental organisation.


Adam Ward, Land Manager 


Interim reflection:

This was my first time attending bush care and I got stuck into it straight away. Today, there was a big push to rid Cadigall reserve of weeds in an attempt to revitalize native plant growth. In the past, these types of drives had been successful and recently Adam, our supervisor, had noticed a significant increase in this native vegetation. With this being said, the introduced species still pose a significant threat to native growth.


As such, I was assigned to weeding duty. This job was comprised of digging weeds out of the ground with a troul and pickaxe. It was exceedingly tiring work and became tedious at times, but, after

it was finished, I felt highly satisfied and felt like I had made a positive impact on the local community. I am excited to come back in two weeks to review the progress!

Final reflection:

Through this process, there have been several areas which I have hoped there can be significant development, and these can be summarised by the following: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth, Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the processDemonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiencesDemonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaborativelyRecognise and consider the ethics of choices and actions. All of these together, show how beneifical Bush care has been in allowing me to develop my character and also service the community in a valuable way.

 In regards to learning outcome 1, I have been able to pin point areas for personal growth and also utilise areas which I am confident in to allow me to grow my skill set. Firstly, I identified this service with the help of othe rmembers of my community and thus, through my own service, I have also been able to help others. Moreover,  I decided to help other people who find service opportuinites, showing an apptitude for the organisation of CAS experiences. I also was able to utilise other people within the volunteer group, who had far different skills than I do, to work together towards a common goal, this being a cleaner and more beuatiful local natural environment. This also satisfies goals 5, whereby this CAS experience allowed me to understand the value of working collaboratively and also goal 3 and 4.