My CAS Project was a collaborative task I completed with my school colleague, Adrian Freiburg. It involved us planning, preparing and carrying out a bake sale in order to raise much needed funds for the Glebe Youth Service (GYS). With these funds, and after a meeting with the GYS coordinator, we will purchase key pieces of equipment for the charity. GYS is a non-government organisation dedicated to the support of young people aged 12-24 who live, work, study or play in the Glebe area.


- All outcomes met


Adrian and I identified that GYS was severely lacking some of the most essential implements that are necessary when running a charity focused on supporting young people. For instance, they lack a desktop computer where technological skills could be learnt. 

Prescott House already supports GYS through regular food and toiletries drives, however, we both felt that we could make a greater positive impact if we raised cash instead of expanding on an already existing platform.

After explaining our idea to Mr Madden, we got the green light and started planning the logistics of the event itself.



We then decided a bake sale would be the most efficient way to raise these funds due to our previous experience and the ability to hold it at school. We then made a preliminary estimation of what ingredients we needed, how many people we required to bake the goods and how much money we could raise.



The date was set, the 10th of September. We had readied our army of year 8 and 9 students and had purchased the necessary ingredients to make roughly 200 brownies and 240 cookies. Through our communication with the head of technology, we had gained permission to use the food tech kitchen and we assembled there. We then split off into two groups; one making brownies, the other making cookies. After roughly three hours of baking, we were all done and everything had been baked.

The next day we sold the items. Initially, we were only going to sell at recess, but, after consultation with Mr Lever, we decided it would be more effective to sell at both lunch, recess and various points around the school all day.

At the end of the day we collected the money and counted it- we were incredibly close to our predicted earnings.



To be completed upon the purchase of the equipment.