John Waterhouse society




Being in year 11, this year I was given the opportunity to join the John Waterhouse society which is a philosophical discussion group which debates and explores ethical issues, areas of philosophical interest and current affairs. We meet roughly once every three- two-four weeks to listen to two presentations, prepared by our peers, roughly 45 minutes in length. Between these presentations, we eat supper and take our discussion further.

Three meetings ago, Alistair shaw and I presented the concept of 'art' and how its perception and manifestation differs wildly between people and societies. We discussed abstract art and how and why it is art, we debated what constitutes an artwork and we formulated ideas regarding the development of art over the years. The group came up with some exceptionally nuanced ideas and I was highly impressed with the calibre of discussion.

Furthermore, three times a term, we attend the 'ethics centre presentations', organised by Dr Hall, in which external speakers come to Newington to speak about their own issues/ideas. Recently, we listened to a talk by Julian Burnside QC who offered some interesting insights into whether or not we had the grounds to call Australia a 'just' country.

Reflection one:

Since I have been in John Waterhouse society, I have been given the chance to reflect on ethical issues in modern-day society while have also been given the chance to formulate manyh of my own philosophical opinions. It has been a highly intruiging co-curricular to participate in and it raises many interesting philosphical questions I will be sure to explore in greater depth.