I participate in the School choir on Monday and Tuesday mornings, for an hour each morning. I sing in the alto section, and specialise in the medium ranges. I often help younger boys go over their parts, especially in the alto and treble section, as I sung in those sections for roughly three years. On the whole, we sing a broad range of pieces, though they are usually 'classical' and utilise four part harmony. Through my participation in choir, I would like to further my sining skills as well as foster a sense of community and service.

Interim reflection:

I have been singing in the choir since begging in year 7 and it has been one of the corner stones of my musical education. I am now singing in the tenor and sing twice a week for two hours in total. I recently came back from a music tour to Europe where we sung in ancient Spanish cathedrals as well as workshopped with Spanish students. Through this experience, I learnt a lot about working collaboratively with other musicians, not only within the choir itself, but with students who played other instruments int he orchestra. this was especially prevalent when we sung Verdi's 'Triumphal March' from Aida, where we sung in conjunction with an orchestra. 

Furthermore, throughout this year, I wish to progress to the bass section. This will be a significant challenge as I will need to develop my tessatura in order to sing the parts effectively. I hope to achieve this through rigorous practice and also through natural progression. 

Intermediate reflection:

I have continued to sing in the tenor section for choir and am singing both the tenor line in the repertoire which we are currently preparing and the repetior that will be prepared for our europe tour. As a group, we are now leading up to our second final performance together, the musical showcase concert. Ultimately, due to the challenges of learning the repetoire and the prestigious nature of our performing, we will perform toa large crowd, made up with an audience of some of our peers and teachers. 

It has been quite stressful perfomring for choir recently. I suffered glandular fever half way through the year, so many of my  rehearsals where lost. However, in order to keep up with the repertoire, I was been listening to them solo at home. This has been quite difficult, as usually singing in a crowd is far easier in terms of singing the right notes and feeling a sense of community. With this said, this challenge has allowed me to grow my confidence in singing and also developed my pitch so when we inevitably go back to face to face singing, I will be ready to perfom to th best of my ability.

Final reflection:

While this year has certainly been one full of personal growth, I am very excited to finally perfom overseas in spain and portugal with the group. It has been incredibly beneficial when considering the commitment and perseverance which has had to occur. I feel as if my involvement has lead to a greater understanding in how not only to thrive in a broader group, but also how I have had to be flexible. For these reasons, I think that this CAS experience has been highly valuable and It has acted as a mechanism through which my creativity has been able to fully develop and thrive. 

The process of making music has been a significant creative outlet where my personal expression and 'voice' has been able to develop. This, in conjunction with the commitment of waking up twice a week at 6am to go and sing, has provided me with life lessons regarding organisation and effort.