Tennis is one of many Summer sports choices offered by Newington.  There are twelve squads in Tennis, the internal training squad which continually trains internally, and the external competiton squad which competes against other schools every Saturday.  There are no divisions between year groups in Tennis, and all students train together.  Tennis is often described as one of the fastest sports in the world, and players require good fitness and hand-eye coordination to be successful.



Interim reflection

Tennis is the summer sport which I will be playing this year, in conjunction with socer during the winter season and I have begun playing Tennis as my CAS Activity. From this experience, I want to improve my coordination, overall fitness and well bing. I play Tennis in the 8ths team and train two times per week as well as compete on the weekend.

Im starting in a relatively high team to what I am used to, as I have played Tennis before and have not performed terribly in it. The game is similar to that of squash and requires a high level of fitness and hand eye cooridnation. Consquently, through this season, I wish to improve on these aspects of my game and be able to increase my general ability level. 

Final reflection:

This tennis season has been a season which was full of growth, but the main part was being able to one of my last terms of sport with my friends and experiencing it with friends I had since the beginning of my cricket experience at Newington. I know that since moving into the 8ths, I feel all aspects of my tennis playing, from hitting to pacing to smacking all have become better. This is especially in serving, where i have been consitatnly been able to out serve my opponenets, either internally or externally.

I also believe that i ahve been able to fulfill all of the relevant criteria, regaring the CAS experience. I believe that the first outcome has been completed by playing tennis previously, and then growing to expand my game into a more allrounder player. Secondly, Ibelieve that  have demonstrated in training sessions and games that I was not great at serving in comparison to my teammate counterparts, but by the end of the season, I was often putting myself out there to serve first.

In terms of personal growth and commitment, I showed that I was committed to the Activity experience as I continued with Tennis for the entire season, and did not change into a different sport, but instead continued the sport which I enjoyed to play. As well as training twice a week on both tuesday and thursday for roughly one and a half hours each, and playing about two hours on the weekend. Finally, I believe that when tennis is played in doubles, that it is a collaborative sport, with a team. Because of this, I showed that I had worked collaboratively with other people and was able to do my best.


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