In year 9 last year I decided to sign up to the Journalism course for year 10, English had always been a strong subject of mine and I had been intrigued by the idea of going off the curriculum and following a more specialized route for English in the next year. Little did I know how different the path I was about to take would be. Going well into halfway through the first term we hadn’t even heard an inkling about Macbeth or anything Shakespeare, we hadn’t started to study a novel or touch grammar (thank god) what we had done was one intriguing unit on the most successful podcast Serial an interesting crime podcast focusing on the case of Adnan Syed a convicted murderer and whether he was guilty of the crimes he had been convicted of. This was certainly a departure from the 100-year-old books we had been reading throughout high school life it was something new and interesting. Journalism had made me look at the world around me in a different way to what I had previously done before instead of skimming the news section on twitter every day as I had done throughout year 9, I was instead looking through articles on The New York Times and The Washington Post taking more interest in the world around me and beginning to form opinions separate of what my parents have told me throughout childhood (Liberal good, Labour bad). My experience has been wonderful so far and I look forward to approaching the more English based subjects of this course in a much different way than I would have done otherwise and any advice to the year 9 students coming into journalism for next year I would have to say, brace yourself you’ll be in for a shock.