Brian Falkner And His Dream of Writing

By Rueben Agius, Willaim Cordwell

Brian Falkner is an author who specialises in children and young adult fiction. He has written several books, including Brainjack, The Tomorrow Code and The Super Freak. He came and talked about his books and his passion for writing. 

He first developed a favour for writing when he was very young, where he dreamt of being an author, though he did not release his first book until he was 40, which was The Flea Thing. The Flea Thing is a children’s book that follows the journey of a kid who wants to play for the New Zealand Warriors. He starts playing at 12 year of age, and ends up having a successful rugby career. The Tomorrow Code is a young adult book, about two teens who receive a message from the future in morse code. This message turns out to be the winning lotto number, however, it turns sinister when they receive another message, an S.O.S message. The Real Thing is a more light-hearted book, about a kid who is an expert on Coca-Cola. His services are desperately needed when the only three people who know the recipe are kidnapped. Fraser, or Fizzer as he is commonly known, travels to the Coke HQ in an attempt to recreate the lost recipe. 

This author has written many interesting things and we got to hear from him first hand about how he writes. He begins by asking himself, “What if?” He then applies this to everyday things, and this allows him to come up with creative and original ideas. This process could be used by anyone if they want to write a book. Falkner emphasised the fact that we are surrounded by hundreds of story ideas, it is just a matter of spotting them and developing them into interesting stories. To develop ideas, he also said that doing research into what your story is about is very important in creating good quality and believable books. Falkner did research into the Coca-Cola company in order to write his book The Real Thing. He also discussed the importance of drawing inspiration from their own lives, and creating rich characters with strong emotions, as emotions are what books are essentially about.