Liam Pieper: From Past to Present

Liam Pieper is an author who has published 3 major books throughout his life being; The Toymaker, Mistakes were Made and The Feel Good Hit of the Year. These stories all try to strike a serious cord with the reader.

Liam Pieper spoke about his childhood, something he goes into great detail with in his book The Feel Good Hit of the Year and from that book and his talk today it doesn’t sound all that great. Liam’s story however is that of success and triumph, turning around an unfortunate start in life into something truly great. This shows all of us that no matter what kind of hand life has dealt you, you can turn it into something magnificent if you have the will to do it. He also talked about the current political climate and how sad politics is in Australia now and how our generation has been dealt a bad hand by this. I think that if the older generation has left us with a worse world they were handed, then it is our duty to turn it into a better one for the generation to come. 

Liam writes Historical Fiction now mostly and with this much research into the past he told us that he began to see the present mimicking it. He said a good understanding of the past will help in creating a better today. That's why I think as human citizens we should all endeavour to learn about the horrors of the past to prevent them from happening again. His upcoming novel the about the Boer War will focus on these issues.

By William Cordwell, Rueben Agius