Mark Smith: The Road to Writing

Mark Smith is a celebrated Australian author famous for his dystopian books. His titles include The Road to Winter and The Wilder Country. The Road to Winter is about a deadly virus and the violence that followed wiping out the protagonist’s parents and most of his community. It follows a boy named Finn and his loyal dog Rowdy on the adventures they have in this post apocalyptic setting. The sequel, The Wilder Country, focuses on the humanistic elements of the story and touches on the following question: what extent will humans would go to, to protect our loved ones when survival is at stake?

Year 8 have been studying his novel Road to Winter and Smith went through the book with them, telling them about all the hidden meanings while explaining his thought process behind each carefully chosen word. Smith admitted that it took him approximately one year to first get published, proving to everyone that with hard work and determination, you can reach your dreams. He then shared insightful wisdom with the year 8 students, concluding, “Writing is 5% creativity and 95% hard work.”

By Rueben Agius, William Cordwell