The Enigma of Elective B

Elective B is something that becomes available for year 9’s and year 10’s for all the year 7’s and 8’s who are reading. The College designed elective B to be a fun alternative where you learn all the interesting things that would not fit in the main curriculum. This idea however, failed, and elective B is now known by its more colloquial name amongst the student body Elective Bludge. 

Everything about Elective B is poorly designed and poorly planned. The selection process is awful to begin with and I could give you tales people putting things down as their 3rd choice and getting it despite their first choice containing people who didn’t want to do the class at all.

However, the class themselves are what is most flawed, on one side you might get a teacher prepared to teach an interesting curriculum that no one wants to do. On the other hand you get a teacher who does not want to teach and is annoyed when the class does not understand their vague tasks which could be boiled down to “Do Something and Submit it.” The whole idea of Elective B is good in theory but poorly planned and executed in practice.