It's all over, my favourite few weeks of maths is over and I thought I did very well in it after all. We got very far and I think we did very well in this task. This has been an incredible untitled of maths and it will probably my favourite one of this year I felt like I had great group members and we all put aside our differences and worked together to achieve a common goal. It started when we were reaserching ciphers I had made lots of great progress and I had a vastly better understanding of the ciphers than I ever would have had of I'd just looked on the Internet for 5 minutes. But I was reaserching and I developed a liking to this cipher stuff and made a long lasting task of being super good at decoding ciphers. It's kind of like a hobby now but anyway I reaserched cipher for ages learning the various techniques of decoding them and I'm actually pretty good at it now. After this we had to develop our own codes I thought I did quite well I this task and my fellow group members could not crack the code until I gave them the key. Also I created a few other minor codes which I used to send to my cousin who tried to crack them and failed. It was a lot of fun developing these codes and it was enjoyable to see group member ps and family members struggle to solve my codes. So when this intelligence training exam came around I worked as hard as i could to get over that 300 point limit to get into Hackathon. And so I did our group pushed so hard and did so many codes that we managed to get into Hackathon. So after I found out we got into Hackathon I did a bit of preperation. But when it finally came around our grounp just couldn't pull it together and we didn't et anywhere in Hackathon. All in all I have developed a new passion and learnt many new and exciting things along the way. This unit is over now and I will miss it I'll continue to solve codes in my spare time and I will probably be enjoy it. This unit has been a lot of fun and I will probably continue my reaserch on the topic but my school work on it will end this I'm sad about but I'm sure we continue to learn new an exiting things in the years to come.