I believe that the Romans did recycle. Some of the evidence for this is that Ongoing research by Harriet Foster and Caroline Jackson (2010) revealed hints of colour deriving from previously blown glass in colourless glass, indicating that Romans often reused glass, adding batches of broken vessels into the raw material from which they fashioned new items. Why is this important? Determining the date and origin of recycled glass can give us clues about the ways in which the Empire was organised, and how changes to the civil order might have trickled down—and surely, we're all interested in trickle-down effects these days. This proves that the Romans did use some form of recycling but many historians think that this was not for the benefit of the environment. This is obviously because back in the Roman Empire glass we scarce and that it was very uncommon. So people had to recycle materials in order to make use of glass that people no longer used. This is very interesting as an empire thousands of years old unknowingly affected the environment and helped people in today's world.