Why is cleaning up waste in our playground the most important issue in our school I will tell you three different reasons. These reasons are 1. That if we don't clean up our rubbish the school will be full of rubbish and visiting parents or students will not be impressed with the quality of the grounds or with the integrity of the school. This will impact how many people come to our school and how much money they can raise to make our learning a better experience. 2. If we have rubbish littered all over the school we have the risk of students tripping over the rubbish and hurting themselves. Like if someone were to slip over a banana peel and break something. The parents would then sue or take the kid out of school. Also if we are injured from the amount of rubbish on the floor we cant participate in fun activities like sport and if we are seriously injured we might not go to school at all affecting our education. 3. If their is rubbish is all over the school it will smell terrible and in class we wouldn't be able to focus on our studies. It just wouldn't be very nice to look at our school is so great because we have good environments and good grounds. If there was rubbish everywhere no one would want to stay here because it just wouldn't be a nice place like the environment it currently is.