1. What are your talents?

- Photography

- Cinematography

2. What do you enjoy doing?

- Photography/Cinematography

- Making short films

- Learning the guitar

3. What skill or talent would you like to improve?

- I would like to improve my guitar skill

4. What are you already doing that could be a part of your CAS programme?

- CineArts

- Rowing

- Cross country

- Sustainability committee 

5. What would you like to be involved in?

- Rockfest now that I'm learning guitar

6. Describe a time when you helped someone else or helped with a cause

- I've helped out in numerous activities for service learning such as the Red Shield Appeal or volunteering at day cares to help pack up or keep track of the children

7. Describe a time when someone helped you

- When I was struggling to finish a movie before its deadline my teacher introduced me to a senior boy who had the experience necessary to help me complete my goals

8. About what issues do you have concerns or feel most passionate?

- I feel passionate about the environment and trying to help reverse climate change

9. Are there any local clubs or community organisations in which you could be involved?

- I could help out in efforts to clean up the beach and surrounding area in my neighbourhood

10. What would you like to learn about more?

- I would like to learn about more opportunities to get involved in things that I care or feel strongly about

11. What have you always wanted to try but haven't yet?

- I've always wanted to create/perform something by myself for a large group of people to see

12. What activities and groups are available here at school already that you could join?

- I could join the gender equity group or the media productions group

13. What would you most like to get out of your CAS journey?

- I would like to be able to be able to create or do something meaningful that might last after I finish my diploma