Video: NEWINGTON COLLEGE | Rowers Send Off 2019



At my school, one of the highlight events at the start of every year is the Head of the River. This involves my school, as well as others from the GPS (Greater Public School) circle entering their rowing crews into the final event of the season. This event, while not counting towards the overall point score tally for schools, is recognised as the most anticipated event of the season, with virtually every training session and race prior being in anticipation of this day. To celebrate, many schools decide to represent themselves to the wider GPS community as well as other schools across the country and even around the world with a 'rowing video'. This video is one generally made by a student of the school and can take a wide variety of forms. It is used to represent the schools rowing program as well as the school's spirit towards rowing and competition in general. As I am very interested in filmmaking and have a good skill set in digital media, I decided to put myself forward for the task.



On this day I began by taking my camera to a regatta at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) to film and experiment with shots and techniques. SIRC also happens to be the place where Head of the River is held along with other events including the rowing Olympic Games events.


After collecting most of my shots, I created an editors plan for myself. Essentially, it was a plan I made for myself that would guide me in how I would edit the footage together later on. 


On this day I started properly putting together the footage I had collected into a video.


On this day I fully edited and polished the video, ready to be showcased.


I undertook this project by myself. This meant finding my own equipment and the time to film as well as edit on my own, without any guidance as to how I should make the video from peers or teachers. As a rower myself I also had to juggle filming the video with actually rowing. As this was made entirely by me, I am happy with the quality of the video, however, I would also love to try again at creating the video, being able to learn from my past mistakes.