When I was very young, I used to learn guitar which I stopped after a time for a reason I cannot remember. Over the years in primary school, I picked up and subsequently dropped various instruments including the violin and the flute. About a year ago one of my friends mentioned to me that he was planning to learn guitar at the school. I had always thought about picking the guitar back up for a very long time, and it was my friend's mentioning of this that I decided to eventually learn guitar as well.



During the holidays before the start of school, I practised the songs I had previously learned in my lessons including Back In Black by ACDC and Sunshine of your Love by Cream.


Closer to the halfway mark in term 2, I have met with my guitar teacher many times, continually going through songs. By now I have learned the song Imagine by John Lennon as well as Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. I found a certain bar chord in Ziggy Stardust to be extremely hard to play due to the obscure way I have to contort my hand, however with time I am getting better at making the change to this chord as well as playing it with a clean sound.


Since learning Ziggy Stardust, I had learned to play While My Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles. This song also contains a substantial section of bar chord, which I found to be difficult at first, however over time I found myself adapting to the chords and overall, finding it easier to play a cleaner sound. I also started Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd which I found very fun to play.


Over the past few months, I have continued to learn Wish You Were Here including starting a solo portion of the song. This part of the song is very intricate and requires a good amount of skill and practice to play cleanly. Despite the difficulty in playing this section, I also found it to be fun to play, and something that sounds well when played along with the main portion of the song. I have begun discussing the prospect of playing at the studio concert at the end of this term, with my guitar tutor wanting me to hopefully play Wish You Were Here, specifically the solo portion, though time will tell if I'll be able to play this part well enough before the concert.