On the 26th of May, the Salvation Army ran its signature fundraising drive known as the Red Shield Appeal that helps fund their network of social and community services. Every year, boys from years 10,11 and 12 take it upon themselves to go doorknocking for three hours in order to help raise funds for the Salvation Army. This year, the MLC school also took part with the boys, helping boost the drive to collect donations on the day.



I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Red Shield Appeal. Even when having done it once before, I still learned and refreshed my social skills in talking to complete strangers about a cause I myself was relatively unfamiliar to. For the most part, my interactions with the people when doorknocking were positive, with many happy to help out and donate to the cause. Despite this, there was always going to be the odd person who was ungrateful, to say the least, but when they did eventually turn up, they gave me the opportunity to experience what is in essence, the real world and the kinds of people I might find in it. Overall the experience of Red Shield Appeal was a very rewarding and enjoyable one, with my group raising just over $300, with some groups raising upwards of $700.