I, along with two of my friends had got in touch with one of my friends' cousins. That cousin happened to run a charity organisation called Birds of Passage. Birds of Passage is an organisation that feeds the homeless at Woolloomooloo every Monday night. My friends and I had planned to help out with the preparation and serving of food to the homeless every second Monday. Woolloomooloo is home to a large number of homeless people, so working there was going to be a completely authentic experience, as the Birds of Passage team sets up their facilities right in the heart of the homeless dominated area of Woolloomooloo. 



Working with the BOP team was a great eye-opener for me. Before this, I had never really been able to interact with homeless people before, and so by serving food to them, I was able to properly understand who those people really were. I found that many of these people didn't look like homeless people at all, and at one point I was questioning whether some of them were even homeless at all. A surprising number of them were eager to talk to me about what I had learned about the homeless while I was serving them, this really helped me make sense of many of these people's situations. I am eager to hopefully work with the team again in the future.