Along with Loaves and Fishes, the school offers an opportunity to a select few boys to help out with a dessert van run by the Exodus Foundation. Similarly to Birds of Passage, the dessert van operates in Woolloomooloo and serves up to 120 homeless people every night. I, along with two other friends as well as a teacher and his daughters helped out on the night.



With having done similar work in the past with Loaves and Fishes and Birds of Passage, I was feeling confident going into the night. Like my past experiences, found this experience to be very enjoyable. I continually find interest in speaking to new people under conditions such as the ones I experienced when volunteering, with each new person I met intriguing me. While we were instructed to not talk to the people we were serving, I found myself having short conversations with people about what I had learned whilst volunteering and the kinds of things that I wanted to know more about the homeless. Overall it was an interesting and fun experience and I hope to do something similar again in the future.