We recently had our last cross country event, held at Centennial Parklands hosted by Sydney Boys High. Overall the day was rewarding and a lot of fun with us handing out novelty prizes based on the funny events of the season with myself and a friend running the course wearing tiaras. 



Having been sick only a week before the last race, I wasn't expecting to do particularly well, however, I found that I ran consistently and hard. We handed out traditional cross country novelty prizes on the day organised by the cross country captain, prizes ranged from tiaras (from one boy entering a female toilet block accidentally) to my own prize, a stain sleeping mask since I nearly fainted during one of our runs. My friend and I decided to run the entire race wearing the tiaras, with us receiving much support from all schoolboys, not just Newington. I also managed to meet the Australian 10km champion Ben St Lawrence who I was ecstatic to meet. I found the last race of the season to be very rewarding, and more of a fun race than others. Every Newington boy earned a PB on the day, including myself which was an excellent end to the season. Overall I really enjoyed my time this year in cross country, and I plan to continue improving my running in the next season.