The athletics season is a short one, only lasting about 5 weeks culminating in the AAGPS athletics carnival. Boys can participate in athletics at any level, either for fun or with the goal of winning in their event. I found myself really wanting to compete in athletics following the 2018 AAGPS carnival, envisioning myself competing in front of 10,000 boys in the next carnival similarly to Head of the River. I found myself choosing to train in middle distance, with the distances being 800m, 1500m and 3000m, though I am yet to definitively decide which event I will ultimately compete in.



After the first few training sessions, I found myself really enjoying athletics. While it is still running like cross country, it's a much different type of running, at a pace and with an attitude that was refreshing and competitive. I learned that the middle distance events are very competitive, with the 3000m time being a little above 9 minutes. I personally have never tried to run at these distances in those times, though I am hopeful that I'll be able to eventually make the times in the near future. Unfortunately, on my second training session, I had to visit the physio and was told that I had shin splints. Shin splints are caused when a certain muscle near your calf gets abrasions, most likely due to the different running surface that I'm used to from cross country. Shin splints take time to heal, so as of now I'm fully committed to resting my legs so that I'll be able to train in the future in this short athletics season.